1956 Chevy pro Street Rod Burnout

The term “Pro Street” refers to a style of modified car that combines the appearance of a street car with the performance and features of a drag racing vehicle. The 1956 Chevy Pro Street is a modified version of the 1956 Chevrolet, specifically built for high-performance street driving or drag racing.

The 1956 Chevy Pro Street typically features extensive modifications to enhance its performance and visual appeal. Some common modifications include:

  1. Engine: The original engine is often replaced with a high-performance engine, such as a big-block V8 or a custom-built engine. These engines are usually equipped with performance upgrades like aftermarket intake manifolds, camshafts, and carburetors.
  2. Chassis: The chassis is reinforced to handle the increased power and provide better stability. Tubular or custom-built frames are common, along with upgraded suspension components for improved handling.
  3. Body and Exterior: The body of the 1956 Chevy Pro Street may retain its original appearance, but it often features custom modifications like flared fenders, air scoops, and a lowered stance. These modifications are done to accommodate wider tires and provide a more aggressive look.
  4. Interior: The interior is often modified to reflect the high-performance nature of the car. Upgrades may include racing seats, roll cages, custom gauges, and other racing-inspired features.
  5. Wheels and Tires: Wide rear tires with large-diameter wheels are a common feature of Pro Street cars. These provide improved traction for the increased power and enhance the aggressive stance of the vehicle.

Overall, the 1956 Chevy Pro Street is a modified version of the classic 1956 Chevrolet designed to deliver exceptional performance on the street or drag strip. Its combination of vintage styling and modern performance modifications makes it a popular choice among car enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of classic design and high-powered performance.

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