Blown ’69 Chevelle Cold Start

Starting a classic car like a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle that has been sitting for a while requires some care and attention to ensure a successful cold start. Here are some general steps to follow:

  1. Check the battery: Make sure the battery is fully charged and in good condition. If the battery is weak or dead, it will not provide enough power to start the car.
  2. Check the fuel system: Make sure the fuel tank has enough gasoline, and the fuel filter is clean. Old gasoline can clog the fuel system and prevent the engine from starting.
  3. Check the oil level: Check the oil level and make sure it is at the correct level. If the oil level is too low, it can cause damage to the engine.
  4. Turn off all accessories: Turn off all accessories like the radio, heater, and lights to reduce the load on the battery.
  5. Turn the key to the “on” position: Turn the key to the “on” position and wait for a few seconds to allow the fuel pump to prime the fuel system.
  6. Crank the engine: Once the fuel system is primed, crank the engine by turning the key to the “start” position. If the engine doesn’t start, wait a few seconds and try again.
  7. Pump the gas pedal: If the engine still doesn’t start, pump the gas pedal a few times to help prime the fuel system and get fuel to the engine.
  8. Let the engine warm up: Once the engine starts, let it idle for a few minutes to allow it to warm up before driving.

It’s important to note that cold starting a classic car can be a bit tricky, and it’s best to take your time and be patient. If the engine doesn’t start right away, don’t keep cranking it, as this can damage the starter and drain the battery. Instead, follow the steps above and try again after waiting a few seconds.



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