1970 Chevelle 468 Big Block

The 1970 Chevy Chevelle is well-known for its powerful engine options, and one popular choice among enthusiasts is the 468 Big Block. The 468 engine refers to a displacement of 468 cubic inches, which is achieved by increasing the bore and stroke of the engine.

The 468 Big Block is not a factory engine option for the 1970 Chevelle, as the largest displacement offered by Chevrolet during that time was the 454 cubic inch (7.4L) Big Block. However, many Chevelle owners have performed engine swaps or built custom engines to increase the performance of their vehicles.

To create a 468 Big Block, the original 454 engine can be stroked and bored to increase its displacement. Stroking involves using a longer crankshaft to increase the distance the piston travels in the cylinder, while boring refers to enlarging the cylinder bore to accommodate larger pistons.

With the increased displacement, the 468 Big Block can deliver greater horsepower and torque compared to the stock 454 engine. The specific power output will depend on various factors, including the components used, such as the camshaft, cylinder heads, intake manifold, carburetor, and exhaust system.

It’s worth noting that building a custom engine or performing an engine swap requires technical knowledge, experience, and careful planning. It’s advisable to consult with professionals or engine builders who specialize in high-performance engines to ensure proper installation, compatibility, and optimal performance.

Additionally, modifying the engine may have implications for emissions compliance and legal requirements in your region, so it’s important to research and adhere to local regulations when making such modifications.

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